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Design A Submersible Pump Station

This page was designed to assist in the layout of a submersible non clog wastewater, wastewater grinder or shredder pump station or stormwater pumping station. Go through the following three steps and CW Sales Corporation will be able to prepare a specification, and offer a price for a pump station to meet your selected criteria.  See the following design templates to assist you in layout of your system. 

STEP 1: General Information

Job Name & Location?

STEP 2: Figure your hydraulics


What is the maximum flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM) into the pump station?


What is the sewer invert elevation and pipe size into the pump system?


What is the change in elevation (in feet) from the pump station's off level to the discharge point?

Are there one or more high points in the force main? Please describe:


What is the force main length in feet?


What is the proposed force main size and material of construction?


What is grade elevation at location of pump station?

STEP 3: Select Pump Station Type & Features

Station Type:
System Speed:
Electrical Service At Job: , Phase? , Wire service?
Level Monitor:
Redundant Level Monitor:
Pump Starters:
Pump Impeller Type and Flow Range in Gallons Per Minute (GPM):
Standard Sump Diameters:
Type of Level Control:
Inlet Screening:
Pipe/Valve Size:
Portable Lift Hoist:
Alarm Monitoring:

The description of standard systems include: pump quick removal system, stainless steel guide rails, stainless steel hardware, stainless steel pump lift cables, and stainless steel anchor bolts, pressure gauges for each pump, plug type shut off valves, swing check with outside lever & weight, concrete interior white epoxy coating, drain valve from valve chamber back to wet well, pvc or ductile iron gravity vents on both structures, and 300 lb. load rated aluminum hinged access hatches. (Traffic loading available on hatches)

STEP 4: Registration Form

Fill out registration form and send us your nomenclature. We will respond within 72 hours with your design specifications:

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Pump selections are limited to the product brands we represent/distribute. This page is an effective tool for general pump station design but not intended to be a replacement for experienced pump station designer.